Why Hurry – Worry? Living Life By Intuition

Why Hurry – Worry? Living Life By Intuition

Learning to trust and live by our intuitive inner guidance systems is not about developing fancy party tricks to impress our friends. It is about learning to return to a life of balance that is guided from a deeper source of wisdom than our current culture has to offer.

The more “masculine” thought processes (I’m not bashing individual men here—we all have masculine and feminine attributes) dominate every aspect of our culture, honoring only the linear and rational ways of thinking. As a result, we find ourselves swimming in massive debt, experiencing disharmony and dysfunction in the majority of our personal and global relationships, and finding millions of the most educated, gifted and resourced people in the world dependent on anti-depressants. All that, and at the same time we face the very real and eminent potential of an environmental disaster that could be beyond repair.

What An Intuitive Life Looks Like

Living by intuition, you begin to leave fear, doubt, immobilization and frantic action behind. Why hurry-worry? When you realize that you will know what you need to know, when you need to know it (and very often not a moment sooner), you begin to see there is no need to live in the imagined future. There is no need to plan out ten possible outcomes you don’t want, one you do, and then spend precious time and energy making sure those things do or don’t happen. You have the time, space, energy, and faith that you can simply enjoy the “now” in real-time.

Of course, you’ll lose a lot of the drama in your life. People will come to see you as peaceful, maybe even serene, and there won’t be overly much to complain about. The old friends, stuck in their old ways, won’t know what to do with you. So they will likely leave. Yet you will begin to attract new friends who have also left a good deal of the drama behind. This drawback is like complaining that someone has dumped gold on your fresh-cut lawn. But you will learn to deal with that.

Living By Faith

Where the mind will play a thousand tricks a day on you, the intuitive knowing—which you cannot always summon on your personally preferred time table, but which is completely trustworthy when it does come—never fails. Never.

Even if the road that rises up does not take you where you thought you were going, in the end it takes you where you most wanted to go. I call this “Smart Reliability” because when I dream big dreams, but plan my route to accomplishing them in ways that are limited to my current understanding, my intuitive drive makes the needed adjustments so that the bigger dreams can actually come true.