USC film school

USC film school

The University of Southern California film school is known as the USC School of Cinema-Television is one of the country’s top caliber school of film. Founded in 1929, the USC film school boasts of being the first university to have offered a degree in Bachelors of Arts for Film.

Since its founding, the USC film school has been greatly influential on how television, commercials, animation, feature film, film studies, documentaries, and interactive multimedia is being conducted today. The success of the USC film school is renowned so that the school is currently regarded as the premier film school for film in the U.S.

The USC film school is proud to have alumni already having established careers in the filed of film and television including artists, directors, writers, film industry executives, technicians, and scholars coming from the international community. The quality of education and training in the USC film school can be attested by its successful alumni who have themselves won in major awards like the Emmys and the Oscars.

The USC film school provides students with one of the most diverse programs and clearly defined courses. The programs to choose from are film and television production, animation and digital arts, interactive media, critical studies, and writing. In addition to these programs are minor programs on cinema and television, and animation.

Animation and Digital Arts at the USC film school is a three-year program equips students with trainings on all the elements of animation and film. At the same time, the program exposes students to work with the technicalities and cutting-edge equipment like DVD-Rom, virtual reality, and many others. The USC film school aims for its students to acquire skills and excel in digital animation, which will later shape the film and animation industry.

The Movie and TV Production is a three-year program that will earn students the Bachelor of Arts as well as the Master of Fine Arts degrees. Movie and TV production covers trainings on how to build the required skills to be able to produce television and the big screen. It also includes lessons on writing and directing, the aspects in cinematic storytelling, editing, cinematography, and sound design.

At present, the USC film school has developed a new program for interactive media. It’s still a three-year program that covers essential training, both theoretical and practical, on how to create state-of-the-art concepts, designs, and production skills in this field.

With a favorable location, within the entertainment capital of the world, the school makes learning outside of the classroom rather easier and exciting.