Types of Motorcycles

Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles come in different flavors and it has added to
the popularity of this type of vehicle. Because of its
variety, it is able to cater to a wide range of customers.

Below is a list of the most popular types of motorcycles
and a description of how one is unlike the other.

1. Road bike

– is a type of bike that is designed to run on paved roads.
Under this are several sub-categories which include
cruisers and sport bikes. Cruisers are the ones that are
usually associated with the leather-clad group of bikers
called Hells Angels. Sport bikes meanwhile are those that
are capable of high speeds.

2. Off-road bike

– while road bikes are for paved roads, this type can take
a lot of punishment in rough-road situations. To do this,
they are equipped with smaller engines and with a design
focused on the suspension. They are typically used in
sporting events such as the motocross and enduro racing.

3. Dual-sport

– is a marriage between road and off-road bikes. A
dual-sport can handle rough roads very well and at the same
time has the ability to be used in paved road conditions.

4. Scooter

– is a much simpler type of motorcycle compared to the ones
mentioned above. They usually don’t have a clutch unlike
other motorcycles and have running boards onto where the
riders can rest their feet while riding.

5. Moped

– recalls the early days of the motorcycle by fitting a
small engine to a bicycle. They are popular in Asia where
they are also known as underbone motorcycles.