The Waterfront Film Festival

The Waterfront Film Festival

Summary: Once a town fair, the Waterfront Film Festival is a non competitive film festival event each June showcasing outstanding films from all over the world.

If we were to imagine a film festival take place, it is beyond doubt that we’d be thinking of gigantic movie theaters lined up in rows that would showcase the event’s film contenders. For this reason it is a major case of wonderment that the idyllic resort village of Saugatuck, Michigan hosts the famous Waterfront Film Festival without a proper movie theater.

The Waterfront Film Festival was originally a town fair that aside from bands and party also serves free delights in big screens. But what was originally tradition turned out to be the most prestigious festival in Saugatuck. Before, locals and visitors of nearby towns were Saugatuck’s main guests, now filmgoers, actors and actresses, producers, directors and distinguished personalities of worldwide cinema come to participate on the annual event. Now known as the Waterfront Film Festival, this celebrated event takes place each June and showcases outstanding films in a casual and intimate setting at no cost.

Waterfront Film Festival still hasn’t shod its town fair roots. It still has street celebration complete with attractions and barbeques at every corner. Live band performances also are street features that happens during the Waterfront Film Festival, just typical to any town celebration.

Due to its roots, the nature of the Waterfront Film Festival is never competitive. And surprisingly that fact never did seem to mar the festival appeal. If in any case it instead removes the usual feeling of anxiousness and self promotion that is very typical to film festivals of the world. Focus is instead shifted towards audience interaction, criticisms and film discussions. What happens therefore in the Waterfront Film Festival is a celebration that showcases those underdogs that do have certain flair in them but didn’t receive the acclaim that they deserve.

Film entries for the Waterfront Film Festival include features, shorts, documentaries, animations, and independent films, and some major films released by big time producers, especially those brand new movies that need publicity. There is no limit to the number of entries. While they do accept foreign entries, films that aren’t in delivered in English are required to have English subtitles.

So the final piece of this article would be: where do they showcase those featured films of the Waterfront Film Festival? The MI Film Lodge at the American Legion Hall on Mason St. holds a few crowds. The Saugatuck Center for the Arts at 400 Culver St. holds a moderately sized crowd in an open air space, as well as the Saugatuck high Scholl in 401 Elizabeth St. The Saugatuck Yacht Services at 868 Holland St can hold large crowds of viewers.