San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival

The longest- running cinematic carnival in the United States, the San Francisco International Film Festival has been established since 1957. It is held every spring season for two weeks where it features a wonderful collection of motion pictures in the country’s most beautiful metropolis.

With about 200 entries that join in the competition each year, the San Francisco International Film Festival has more than just those to offer. They also have live events with more than 100 talented motion picture creators in attendance. It presents 22 awards from diverse categories that attracts nearly 80, 000 individuals.

The San Francisco Film Society is the presenter of the San Francisco International Film Festival. It is a non- stock, non- profit organization that is into the field of education dedicated to revel the world in any form of medium that will wonderfully translate the art of storytelling captured by the camera. In the early part of 2006, the group introduced the SF360 which is a broad spectrum series of initiatives that is built to highlight the one- of- a- kind variety, innovation and vitality of the bay area.

Even as the years have passed by, the San Francisco International Film Festival was continues to upgrade itself as it constantly ventures into ingenuity. On October 11- 15, 2006, the first animation portion will be launched and on 2007, it will be the dawn of the Youth Media. It will also be next year that they will celebrate their golden anniversary.

There are several honors rendered such as the Film Society Directing Award, Golden Gate Awards, Peter Owens Award, Kanbar Award, Golden Gate Persistence of Vision Award, SKYY Prize, FIPRESCI Prize and State of Cinema.

Film Society Directing Award is handed each year to one of the most distinguished persons in the world of the movie industry. The latest recipient is Werner Herzog who has been active in his career for nearly four decades.
Golden Gate Awards is given to those that promote excellence in independent productions, animation, feature videos, documentaries, experimental flicks and retrospectives. There are three judges that will be tasked to select apart that belong to 14 categories.
Peter Owens Awards is handed to the actor whose work defines independence, brilliance and integrity. It is named after longtime local benefactor of charitable associations. The current receiver is Ed Harris was best known for his portrayal as an astronaut in the Oscar- nominated “The Right Stuff.”
Kanbar Award is given to the writer who has a very crucial role in the creation of a magnificent movie. The latest recipient is Jean- Claude Carriere is responsible for the likes of “The Mahabharata”, “Every Man For Himself”, “My Last Sigh”, “The Tin Drum”, “Danton” and “The Unbearable Lightness Of Being.”