Med School in Budapest

Med School in Budapest

Want to study medicine abroad? What about Budapest, Hungary? Interested to know more about the country and its medical industry? You probably are interested in studying medicine in a med school in Budapest. Whatever is your aim or your dreams, Budapest can be a perfect place to take up medicine. It has a number of med schools ready to welcome you, after all.

Below are three of the most notable schools of medicine in Budapest, Hungary. Consider the following for one of them might be your best choice.

Semmelweis University

Semmelweis University is in the first place one of the largest and biggest medical universities in the whole continent of Europe. According to several researches, one third of its students are coming from different areas in the world, so if you want to meet some of them, then Semmelweis University is out there for you to enroll in.

The Semmelweis Univerity in Budapest holds a number of medical departments for the students to use. It has a huge library that contains books of about quarter of a million. It also has one of the biggest collections of medical and biological things, and if you are wondering what med school in Budapest is the biggest producer of publications, Semmelweis is the answer.

The school today offers a number of medical courses for you to consider. They have also international courses in their curriculum knowing that many of their students are from international countries.

Pecs University

Lying in the hilly city in the southern part of Hungary, the Pecs University is one of Budapest’s oldest medical schools. It was built by King Louis the Great in 1367, but is still operating to provide the younger generations a number of medical courses to choose from. This med school in Budapest currently has a new hospital that contains about 400 beds. Here, in patient services are also upheld, in addition to the courses and programs offered.

Szeged University

If you want to feel a touch of history, the Szeged University is one med school in Budapest that can give you answer to that need. This school is also one of the oldest institutions in the city. It has its own theoretical and medical departments, and it offers courses and programs all associated with medicine. It also embraces science and technology, with few of its courses offered cater to such fields. Today, Szeged University is listed as one of the top medical schools in the whole continent of Europe.

Note that each of the above mentioned med schools in Budapest are said to be perfect for medical studies since they met the highest international standards set by the country or the public.