Latest Top 6 TV Brands To Hit The Market

Latest Top 6 TV Brands To Hit The Market

Exciting things continue to happen in the television market. Television sets continue to increase in size, evolving into home theater equipment on one end of the spectrum and at the other end you can find television sets that are small enough to be considered hand held. These tiny sets are great for beach parties, traveling or relaxing on the patio. It’s possible to get good sound and picture quality at both ends of the spectrum of television sizes. The competition in the market keeps the prices competitive so no one needs to be away from a television unless they choose to be.

Televisions make good family or personal gifts for holidays, birthdays or other special events.


Casio Corporation has been leading the market in producing a number of televisions and related products for fifty years. Currently, it is the market leader in hand held televisions and LCD screens. The EV570 Pocket LCD Color Television is one of the worlds smallest with a 2.5 inch screen. The screen is coated for anti-glare properties so it works as well in sun or shade. It comes with headphones so your television watching won’t disturb those around you.

Long life batteries will keep you tuned in for two hours on a charge, or even longer in sound only mode. Carrying the tiny entertainment device on your next outing is simple. It weighs only about 6 ounces not including the batteries. That’s about the same as a large mass market paperback book.


Hitachi has been around as a corporate entity since 1910. Products include everything from diesel locomotives to electronics equipment. A television made by Hitachi is trusted worldwide for quality and durability. You will find everything from Casio’s 2/5 inch screen to the wide screen marvel of the 32LD7200 32 inch visible LCD television. The high definition feature means that you just need to add an HD receiver to get the updated signals. For wide screen viewing pleasure, you can’t go wrong with this type of Hitachi.


Panasonic was originally established in Japan just prior to World War I and moved to Great Britain in the 1970s. The company manufactures a wide range of televisions including large plasma models such as the Panasonic TH37PE50CAB 37-inch plasma television. The model is noted for its great sound system. It’s easily set up and features a child lock as well as a sleep timer. The color quality is excellent, thanks to the Viera Color Management System. You can add headphones so that the rest of the household can sleep while you watch your favorite late night entertainment.


Sharp products began with the Ever Sharp Pencil following its establishment in 1912. By 1964 they had moved into the market with the first all transistor desktop calculator. This was followed by significant advances in the LCD market which has kept Sharp as a market leader in anything using LCD technology right up to the present day. Sharp LC-65GD1E 65″ Widescreen LCD TV is the largest widescreen television in the world. It is High Definition ready, features outstanding picture clarity and resolution and is at the head of the field sound-wise with its stereo and Dolby virtual surround. It has an astounding 170 degree viewing angle and is set up for attachment to your home cinema speakers for the best possible viewing experience.


Although Sony entered the television and electronic equipment market much later than some of the other big name manufacturers, it is today one of the leading manufacturers of televisions and electronics in the world. The Sony DAV-DZ111 DVD Home Cinema System is home electronics entertainment at its ultimate best. It features six speakers for its Region 2 DVD player, Surround Sound, an even dozen playback modes, including DVD+RW, CD, DVD Ram and JPEG CD. The CD text function displays information on the artist, track and title. You can listen and watch the Sony Home Theater with friends or privately, thanks to the headphone feature


Toshiba was created in 1939 by a merger of Shibaura Engineering and Tokyo Electric. Toshiba is best known for its innovative advances in the field of electronics technology. It created the first transceiver device for HDTV and led out in the popularization of notebook computers. Several other firsts in this market have been claimed by Toshiba. Their combos are a popular member of the product line. For instance, the Toshiba VTW2887 28” Widescreen CRT TV/VCR/DVD Combi television allows you to play television, VCR or DVD formats with equal ease.

The 28″ screen is another plus for the equipment, as is the wonderful sound quality you get when you own this technological marvel. With so many exciting features to select from, your hardest decision is which television or home television system should you buy.