Is There Still Such A Thing As “Happily Ever After” In This World?

Is There Still Such A Thing As “Happily Ever After” In This World?

As we were growing up we may have thought about who we are going to spend the rest of our lives with. We all want to have the entire package, a loving spouse and of course loving children as well. As the years progress, we can’t help but ask ourselves if such a family still existed. Does “happily ever after” still exist despite the fact that more and more people are separating and leaving broken families?

You may have grown up with parents separating, with your father or mother getting married again and having another family, leaving you and probably your other siblings in a situation that is uncomfortable and heart wrenching at first. Seeing these situations around us, we may have apprehensions in getting ourselves committed for fears of experiencing such heartache. Time cannot predict if you and your special someone will last and live happily together till the day you will die. But here are a few tips to help make a relationship last.

It is of importance that you are passionate not only for your significant other but also for yourself. As they say, how can you love someone else without learning to love, yourself. Do not revolve your entire world on your partner alone. Although you have deep love for each other leave some room for each of you to breathe and pursue your dreams.

Always make everyday count with sweet little nothings and occasional surprises. When a couple falls into a routine, you take out the excitement factor that brings spice to any relationship. The couple should try new activities together like maybe traveling or rock climbing for example or whatever may be of interest for both.

Have faith and trust in each other. When having quarrels each should listen to the other speak his or her side and should be open as well as reasonable. Take the time to calm yourselves, for when we are in such a rage or anger quite often we cannot control the hurtful words that may come out of our mouths.

Be happy in each others company. Knowing that you both get along well, have a passion for each other and most importantly love each other deeply, the relationship will surely last a lifetime.

As long as you are happy to spend every single day of your lives together that is what matters most. There are three important things in a relationship. You have faith, hope and love; the greatest of them all is definitely love for with love you see the other amidst his or her imperfections.