Introduction to Motorcycles

Introduction to Motorcycles

You’ve seen them everywhere, from busy streets to
competitions in stadiums. Without doubt, motorcycles are
one of the most popular modes of transport in the world.

But if you need further introduction on this two-wheeled
machine, then you’ve come to the right place.

The motorcycle is a type of a motorized vehicle that has
two wheels. However, they also come in three-wheeled
varieties called trikes although the former is more widely

As mentioned earlier, motorcycles are popular in every part
of the globe. It is due to several reasons. First of all,
it is a simple mode of transport that anybody who knows how
to ride a bike can operate.

Another thing is that motorcycles are more fuel efficient
than other types of vehicles. While cars, for example, are
struggling to reach the 30 miles per gallon mark,
motorcycles can go from 40-70 miles per gallon.

This factor of fuel efficiency is one of the reasons why
people are shifting from buying cars to motorcycles.

Then there are the different subcultures among motorcycle
owners. They are usually grouped among the types of
motorcycles that they ride or sometimes even on particular
models of motorcycle brands.

For example, there are groups that are cruiser enthusiasts
while others prefer a particular cruiser of a particular
year of production.

But since motorcycles are less stable than other types of
vehicles, riders need to wear protective gear to keep them
from harm in case of a crash. The most common protective
gear that riders use is the crash helmet.