International Film Festival

International Film Festival

One of the original homes of innovative and interesting motion pictures, the Edinburgh International Film Festival has been fully operational since 1947. For almost half a century, it has showcased some of the industry’s most significant and interesting moments as well as playing host to the world’s expert movie makers.

All over the world, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is the longest running. It has already reached it ripened years starting out with featuring only documentaries that was grounded in the dawn of the Second World War Overtly, it determination was really strong as it has already been a witness not only its community’s toughest circumstances but even in a global scale.

In the early periods of the Edinburgh International Film Festival, it debuted timeless classics such as “Louisiana Story” by Robert Flaherty, “Ugetsu Monogatari” by Kenji Mizoguchi and “Germany Year Zero” by Roberto Rosselini. It was in the 1960’s that they introduced “retrospective.” It is a representative selection of the movies of a particular director, producer and writer as well as about anybody in the crew. Further beyond, it re- evaluated individuals who gave a tremendous contribution in the career that they are all actively involved in. They then paid tribute to talents such as Martin Scorsese, Douglas Kirk, Sam Fuller and John Houston.

When it reached the 1970’s and 1980’s, the Edinburgh International Film Festival combined its identification as a pioneering power for audiences based in the United Kingdom. They began to screen motion pictures that hailed from neighboring regions such as the Masters of Japanese Theater from Japan, New German Cinema from Germany and Wave of American Independents from the United States. Studies of the black race as well as the feminist also mushroomed. It was there they spectators were able to watch on the big screen the entire spectrum of the movie culture. An example would “Extraterrestrial” by Steven Spielberg and “Napoleon” by Abel Glance that were sated with full orchestra musical score. Artists such as Bill Forsyth and Stephen Soderbergh were nurtured owing much to where they are right now.

Under the direction of Mark Cousins, Lizzie Francke and Shane Danielsen, the organization was able to experience a toughening of critical affluence. All of them were able to exhibit not just dedicated passion but more so the unwavering commitment to excellence in their field of profession. They have scrupulously evaluated every single entry that is sent to the competition thus having such high standards.

The notable motion pictures filtered in the previous years are “Mrs. Brown”, “The Full Monty”, “La Vie Revee Des Anges”, “Seul Contre Tous”, “Ratcatcher”, “East Is East”, “Run Lola Run”, “Billy Elliot”, “Amores Perros”, “Amelie”, “16 Years Of Alcohol”, “Young Adam”, “American Splendor” and “Motorcycle Diaries”, to mention a few.