How to Find Jobs in Thailand As a Jobseeker

If you are a multilingual individual, you can take advantage of the vast Thai-English speaking workforce in the hospitality industry. You will find plenty of positions in hotels and restaurants, with salary ranges between 35,000 and 70,000 baht. If you have a strong English speaking background, you will have more opportunities for promotion. Many hotels also hire foreigners to work in their senior management positions. Foreigners with experience in the hospitality industry often find their new jobs easier to obtain.

Many people falsely assume that jobs in Thailand are readily available once they get here. While Thailand welcomes foreign workers, there are certain jobs that are prohibited for foreigners. Nonetheless, a good network can help you find a job in Thailand. As a foreigner, you will need to obtain a work permit, which will prove your occupation and position in a Thai company. This document is your passport to perform your job in Thailand.

In addition to traditional job categories, you can also look for jobs in the IT field. As everyone is shifting towards digital outlets, IT jobs are increasingly in demand in Thailand. Companies also continue to implement technology into their workplaces, which means that highly skilled tech workers will be in demand this year. While technology-related jobs are in demand, sales jobs are among the most sought-after positions in Thailand. The majority of sales jobs are remote, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for vacancies on LinkedIn.

If you have a degree in social/aid development, you may find some job opportunities in Thailand as an aid project volunteer. Most aid positions are term funded, but you can often renew them. My cousin worked in a US government office in Bangkok for several years. Her package included a beautiful downtown apartment. While this may not seem like the best option for your professional career, it’s certainly worth considering. This could be the perfect job for you!

IT/Tech positions in Thailand are plentiful. Almost all IT companies are based in Bangkok, but you can find work in any area of Thailand. หางานเชียงราย sought after IT positions require Javascript for backend web development and PHP for mobile applications. You’ll typically need a technical degree and a minimum of two years of experience. If you’re not sure of which industry you want to work in, it’s probably worth trying AngelList to get a feel for the available positions.

Among the most popular jobs in Thailand, contingent work is a popular option for young people. Many of these positions don’t provide long-term career opportunities; they’re purely there to cover expenses and earn easy money. Examples of such work include work for travel agencies, vending stalls, pubs, and nightclubs. While many of these jobs are illegal or fall in a gray area, the pay is low and hours are high.

Besides traditional work, you can look for a job abroad. You can apply for job openings in multinational hospitality and eCommerce companies in Thailand. In these positions, you should have excellent accounting skills and extensive experience. If you can meet the requirements, you’ll be rewarded with a comfortable salary. This option may also be a good choice if you want to work abroad. If you have a lot of travel experience, you should emphasize your travel experience on your resume.