How To Calibrate Your New Plasma TV

How To Calibrate Your New Plasma TV

When you purchase a new plasma television, expect to have
to do some work to get the best possible picture. Many of
the factory settings will need to be adjusted in order to
make sure you don’t burn out the television too fast.

Setting considerations also play a big factor. Here are
some of the things you need o consider when you set up you
plasma television set.

The first thing you need to consider is where in the room
your television set is going to be placed. Determine how
close or far away you need to sit from the television set
for optimal viewing.

Sitting too close to a 50″ screen can
not only strain your eyes, but also distort the picture.

Lastly, read the manual so that you know what the menu
settings mean and how to change them. Once you have done
this and have the television set placed in the room, its
time to adjust the picture.

Do the following in order for the best results. Select the
mode (movie, cinema, film, etc.) you prefer to view your
television in.

Disable all the factory set enhancements.
Change your color temperature to warm/normal/low, and
adjust the brightness to a level you feel is right. Set
your contrast.

When a black and white object sitting side
by side has a clear sharp border and not a smear, you’ve
got it right. Lower the sharpness to something that looks
natural, and set the color and tint to what your memory of
colors should be.