How To Be Consistent At Pool

How To Be Consistent At Pool

Consistency is the art of being able to perform at will, in a harmonious connection with our thoughts and actions. Confidence is a prerequisite for consistency. Confidence is nothing more than having faith in our abilities. Faith that we can and will achieve a certain task or goal.

Most players are working to bring consistency to their game. After all, if they could perform the way they are capable of performing, and do this every time, they would win more games, raise their league average and win more tournaments. If you are an inconsistent player, you are having problems in your fundamentals. An inconsistent player does not hit the cue ball the same way every time. And once you miss-hit the cue ball, your mind begins to play tricks on you. You start to think you are having mental problem, something is wrong with you, and then you begin to get down on yourself. You go into a slump. You have no confidence. Your stroke is unsure and tentative and things can only get worse. You begin to change your stance, your grip, your style of play.

If you hit the same shot the exact same way every time, you will become a consistent player. If you can trust yourself to turn in a fine performance, you will win more games, more tournaments, and raise your league average. In addition, you will enjoy this game. Consistency is worth working for. And it takes a professional approach to the fundamentals in order to achieve consistency in your game.

First of all, you need a good grip. Grip is directly related to a good stance. You cannot have a good grip with a poor stance. Remember, the true measurement of a good grip and stance is in the quality of hit. The grip and stance must work for you.

Your stance must put you in position to see the angle of the shot. If you have having a hard time seeing the shot, it can be corrected in your stance. It must be well balanced. If someone pushes you while you are in your stance, you should not fall over. For right-handers, your right shoulder needs to be in a direct line with your target.

Once your mind is diverted from the fundamental approach to shooting balls, you will have problems. It all comes down to the one shot in front of you. Nothing more than the shot you are facing. And in order to succeed with that shot, your eyes must be coming right out of your stance. You see the shot, and you shoot the shot and the ball goes in. Keep doing this until you run out of shots.