Home Cinema -vs- Movie Theater

Home Cinema -vs- Movie Theater

Let’s face it; we all love to go to the movies. What would
the advantages be of having a home cinema over going out to
the movie theater? Here are several for you to think about:

Ticket cost – The price of a movie ticket these days seem
to be like the gas prices – they are constantly going up.

A family of five is going to have to part with about $40
just to see a movie once!

Food cost – You can add a minimum of $20 for just the basic
popcorn and drink. In your own home cinema, you can have
whatever snacks and drinks you wish and not have to worry
about the inflated beverage and food surcharges.

Cleanliness – The floor at the local movie theater is
littered with popcorn kernels, sticky soda pop residue and
you may even find wads of bubblegum on the chairs and the
floor just waiting to be sat in or stepped on. Your home
cinema can be as clean as you like it.

Comfortable seating – Seating at the theater is space for
attendance and not for comfort. In the typical home cinema,
comfort is the key.

You can lean back in an overstuffed leather theater
recliner and not have to worry about rubbing elbows with
your neighbor!

No cell phones – I am sure you have been to the movies and
seen some teens chatting on their cell phones. Even though
the theater asks you to turn off all cell phones and
pagers, you can hear someone’s phone ring at just the
critical part of the movie. There will be none of that in
your own home cinema.

These are just some of the advantages of having your own
home cinema. Can you think of any more?