Home Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Seating

When thinking about your home cinema, you want to make sure
that you and your guests are comfortably seated before the
movie starts.

You certainly do not want to be sitting in a hard, straight
backed chair or a sofa that you sink up to your eyeballs
in! The most important feature to consider when picking out
your home cinemas accessories is seating.

Once again there are many styles and colors to choose from.
Some seating can be quite pricey, so, again, you must work
with what your budget will allow.

When you are choosing seating for your home theater, you
should also consider whether you would like to have cup
holders or not.

It is certainly a convenience to have a cup holder, but
wouldn’t it be possible just to set your drink on the
floor? Ah, yes, then there is the inconvenience of having
to bend over to pick up your cup and missing a critical
part of the movie!

If you are not concerned about the price, you could
consider getting a cushioned rocker. You can purchase
either a velour or Nusuede rocker for about $1,250.00, and
a leather rocker will run you about $1,800.00 for a single

If you may be considering alternative seating, especially
for some of your more rotund guests like me, you may want
to go with an Apollo or Aurora ottoman in either doeskin or

The price of the Aurora is about $370.00 which would be
easy on the pocketbook if you are on a budget. The price of
the Apollo is somewhat more at $912. Leather will cost you
a little more.

There is a wide range of seating choices that you can find
on the Internet. Make sure that you find seating that is
totally -you-!