Going -In- to the Movies

Going -In- to the Movies

Home cinema is a term used synonymously with home theater.
It helps to make you feel just as if you were in a movie
theater as it seeks to reproduce cinema quality picture and

Technically speaking, a home cinema could be as easy to
arrange as a television, DVD and some speakers.

It is fairly hard to specify what the difference is between
a -home cinema- from a regular television and stereo.

Most consumer electronics experts agree that a -home
theater- integrates a high-quality picture with surround

If you happen to have a home cinema, you are trying to
capture a real -cinema experience-. Therefore, you would
need a higher sophistication and quality set of components
over that which an average television can provide. Setting
up a home theater would include getting the following

1. Input devices – You should have one or more video/audio
sources. HD DVD or Blu-ray are preferable.

2. Processing devices – A stand alone AV receiver can be
chosen or perhaps you would prefer a Preamplifier and Sound
Processor. The choice is yours.

3. Audio output – You must have anywhere from 2 to 11
speakers with an additional subwoofer.

4. Video output – You must have a large HDTV display. There
are several options to choose from: Liquid crystal display
television, plasma TV, video projector, CRT TV or a
rear-projection TV.

5. Atmosphere – In order to improve the cinema feel, you
should have comfortable seating and organization.

There you have it! These are the basic things to have when
you consider having a home cinema. Pretty soon you’ll be
saying, -Let’s go ‘in’ to the movies!-