French Film Festivals

French Film Festivals


If discussions were about who invented cinematography, numerous claims as who was the first would likely spoil researches for the first. But most experts would agree though that the pioneers of cinematography are Auguste and Louis Lumière of Paris. France did have a considerable influence over cinema in its finer aspect as an art form. The Lumière brothers’ 1895 film of the L’Arrivée d’un train en gare de la Ciotat is often cited as the official birth of cinematography and on most accounts the earlier influences of the French Film Festivals.

After the famous Mostra di Venezia incident where films made by non fascist countries were overlooked in place of films made by the Axis nations, Louis Lumière together with Philippe Erlanger and Robert Favre Le Bret started the first ever organization of the French Film Festivals.

The institutionalized form of French Film Festivals (particularly the Cannes) has been influential in the development of film festivals but the Venice Film Festival ‘Mostra di Venezia’ was accredited as being first.

French film festivals are widespread even in the internet. Here are some of the French Film Festivals over the bandwidth.

The Cannes International Film Festival

The Cannes International Film Festival is the most prestigious French Film Festival, and the world’s most renowned. Given a massive media exposure every year, the Cannes International Film Festival has already morphed from a Film Festival into a bazaar wherein producers, investors, directors, and artists alike flock together for market opportunities. Movie producers selling their films, directors hunting for casts, and actors and actresses looking for career opportunities make the Cannes International Film Festival a golden prospect for business.

Though Venice was the place where the first film festivals where held, it was in Cannes where the regulated international film festivals took place.

The Tournées Festival

The aim of the Tournées Festival encourages school organizations to sustain their own French film festivals. Just like TIFFG’s Sprockets Film Festival for Children which are geared towards the younger participants, the Tournées Festival partners with university campuses and colleges to showcase French language films to the students worldwide.

The Tournées Festival is now hosting its annual film festival so log on their site now to get more information about tickets and screening time and of course about the film contenders.


Providence French Film Festival

The Providence French Film Festival is also now hosting its 9th annual French Film Festival. Check out the films that made it into this film festival to be held at the Cable Car Cinema on Rhode Island on March 6 – 12, 2006.


Alliance Française The French Film Festival 2006

With the world class car dealer Peugeot sponsoring the event, Australia based Alliance Française Organization brings The French Film Festival 2006 to Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and the online participants. If you are interested (which is highly recommended), visit the site now and take a peek at the interesting titles of film contenders there.