Collectors Go Wild For The Vintage Poster

Collectors Go Wild For The Vintage Poster

Movie posters have been around since the time when films were first made however at that time nobody had any idea that the posters that were advertising the films would be worth a lot of money. The original plan was to sell projectors and film prints as a home movie entertainment system. The general public did not know what film was arriving at the local theatre and this was a way of doing it.

The vintage posters that first used the concept of poster advertisements for films turned out to be wildly successful and set the stage for the way business would be conducted for the next 100 years. These such posters are now worth lots of money.

The Classic Vintage Poster For The Classic Vintage Film

If there were any vintage posters from films released during the last thirty years that were considered rare, they would have been snapped up by collectors a long time ago. A vintage poster is not any poster advertising a film but the actual poster used at the cinemas. These vintage posters that are sent to the cinemas by the film companies are the ones that are worth the money and sort after by the collectors and are considered a prized possession.

Of the classic film vintage posters, among the most prized vintage posters that collectors desire include King Kong, Frankenstein, Casablanca, and Gone with the Wind. These films’ posters are in high demand because these vintage posters are the posters of four of the most famous, most successful and most influential films of all time. Classic vintage poster of the last few years include such films as Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman and ET.

All of these films have vintage posters that collectors prize with a passion. When offered up for auction, they can fetch prices that are quite high drawing several thousands of dollars in bids. When purchased they are usually properly stored away or, at minimum, placed in an expensive and durable frame.

While most of us can not afford these vintage posters in their original form, they all look kind of cool in reproductions. Avid film fans will probably keep the reproductions of these films in circulation for years and collectors of vintage posters will also keep the auction prices very high. If you get the chance in years to come, go to your local cinema and ask them if you can have or buy the posters as one day, you never know the poster you have been given, may just become a vintage poster in years to come.