Circa Nightclub Toronto

Circa Nightclub Toronto

October 4th, 2007 – The Toronto nightlife scene glows remarkably brighter now that legendary New York nightclub guru Peter Gatien has unveiled his highly anticipated project, CiRCA nightclub. Hailed as Gatien’s most extensive project ever, the 55,000 square foot CiRCA is unlike anything the world has ever seen, offering a multifaceted club with a unique blend of arts, fashion and entertainment.

Peter Gatien started his career in the 70’s spanning three decades known as the “King of Clubs” in New York City. His accomplishments include the opening of Limelight, Palladium, Tunnel and Club USA. Gatien’s current undertaking will encompass everything he’s learned over the years into one truly astounding project.

Located at 126 John St. in the heart of the Entertainment District, Gatien has overhauled the former Playdium / Lucid building into what promises to be one of the most sensory stimulating club experiences you’ve ever had. Building on the existing architecture of an open concept with overhanging balconies, Gatien has transformed the four floors into distinctly themed areas capable of accommodating 3,000 people.

Gatien has invested heavily into the $6.5 million club which will also serve as a giant interactive canvas. Local area and international artists are invited and encouraged to push the creativity envelope and showcase their work. Ongoing contributions will ensure a dynamic atmosphere that is frequently changing. All in all, this will add an exciting dimension to the club industry while beautifully highlighting the artistic and cultural diversity of Toronto.

Aside from the main dance floor which can accommodate 1,000 people, CiRCA will feature several other intimate and distinctly themed areas. The world’s first SKYY Cinema Lounge includes a state-of-the-art screening room with a bar, DJ booth and 16 foot screen presented by SKYY Vodka.

The Sensa Bar will further your experience with its sensitive surfaces that react to touch and movement. Highly responsive surfaces can be programmed to allow for an entertaining level of interaction, and two private booths put you in control allowing for changes in lighting and music.

The Ball Room caters to the distinguished clientele who prefer a more refined setting. The luxuriously appointed room will include its own bar and DJ booth to create the intimate feeling of being at a private social club.

Embrace your inner child in the Kidrobot Room. Founder of Kidrobot Paul Budnitz has designed a room allowing patrons to admire and purchase the exclusive products. Kidrobot fuses urban street trends and pop art to create limited edition collectible toys and apparel. The buzz around this collaboration has quickly stretched across the globe with enthusiasts and collectors alike.

After months of anticipation, CiRCA opened its doors on October 4th to glowing reviews. If you happened to miss the unveiling you can still experience this unique endeavor every Friday and Saturday night.