Chapman University Film School

Chapman University Film School

When it comes to choosing a film school, location is fundamental. After all, your decision to attend film school in the first place is so you can give yourself a boost in the right path towards the movie making business. What kind of an edge are you giving yourself when you attend a film school in some obscure town in some equally obscure country?

Chapman University film school is exactly what you are looking for when it comes to film schools. Prominently located just south of Los Angeles, Orange, California, the Chapman University film school is properly known as Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

It is recognized as one of the top film schools in the country and is composed of the School of Film and Television, the Conservatory of Motion Pictures, and the Institute for the Study of Media and Public Interest.

Chapman University Film School Offerings

The Chapman University Film School offers many avenues to study movie making and cinema in general. From graduate courses to undergraduate degrees, opportunities are provided for those who want to get into the movie industry, whether they want to act, produce, or direct films.

Specifically, the Chapman University film school offers degrees in undergraduate studies of film production, screenwriting, public relations and advertising, film studies, and television and broadcast journalism. And by fall of 2007, the Chapman University film school will be adding a new digital arts degree in their curriculum, pending approval.

If you want to pursue a masters degree in film, Chapman University film school’s Conservatory of Motion Pictures also offers several masters degrees, including M.F.A. degrees in film and television producing, screenwriting, and film production as well as an M.A. in film studies. There are also specializations available in the fields of cinematography, editing, directing, sound design and production design.

Hollywood Internships

Perhaps the most positive benefit you can get from attending Chapman University film school, besides the opportunity to study under excellent mentors who are veterans in the business, is its proximity to Hollywood.

Students who attend Chapman University film school can take advantage of the convenient location of the school’s campus, very close to Hollywood. Internship programs with studios and production companies are numerous. Thus, students are not only exposed to hands-on workshops in school but actual, real-job experience in an intensive internship program at one of Hollywood’s big studios.

Moreover, because of its location, Chapman University film school is visited more often than not by major Hollywood directors, cinematographers, screenwriters, and editors. These veterans in the business are regular guests in the campus, imparting their knowledge to students in the school’s Entertainment Forum conducted regularly.

Another important advantage that Chapman University film school gives to its students is the Marion Knott Filmmaker-in-Residence program, which provides you with the chance to interact with working artists.