Cannes Film Festival (2)

Cannes Film Festival

Established in 1939 that has been identified as the world’s most prestigious award- giving body for movies, Cannes Film Festival takes place on May of each year in France.

The Cannes Film Festival has transformed to be an important showcase for motion pictures in Europe. It was reported that two people were caught saying that it had become extremely significant for both commercial and critical purposes as well as attempts for sell different audio and video masterpieces based on the artistic quality. They further added that together with Venice in Italy and Berlin in Germany, it offer a chance to distinguish a specific image of a country and usually cultivate the belief that European cinema is “art” in itself.

Since the Cannes Film Festival is not heavily publicized but still it is given massive media publicity, it is now attended by a lot of notable movie stars. It has also been a favorite ground for producers to launch their newest projects with the intention to advertise their works to the distributors that originate from different corners of the globe. Golden Palm or Palme d’Or is the most prestigious trophy given to the best movie. Grand Prize or Grand Prix only ranks as second. Only one accolade will be handed to the nominated motion picture.

By the latter of 1938, French Minister of National Education, Jean Zay decided to create of what is now Cannes Film Festival in a proposal made by Philippe Erlanger. In June of that same year, Louis Lumiere was the first president of the organization that was set to launch on September 1, 1939. However, due to the declaration of war between Germany versus United Kingdom and France postponed it two days after.

In the old casino, the event was commenced again starting from September 20, 1946 ending up to October 5, 1946. Budgetary problems were the reason why it was not held either in 1948 or 1950. In between the mentioned periods, Palais des Festivals was inaugurated but it was stopped in 1968. It was because, a day prior to that, the chairman of the jury along with other officials, interrupted the planning of movie in harmony with the students as well as the labor strike throughout the country.

So much for the complications that took place in the yesteryears because just last May 17, 2006 to May 28, 2006, it was the 59th celebration. The president of the judges for feature motion pictures was Wong Kar- Wai, a director who is a native of Hong Kong. He also happened to be the pioneering Chinese since the beginning. In 1997, he bagged the citation for Best Director for his movie entitled Happy Together.