Dubbed as the famous American nutritionist guru, Dr. Robert Atkins is also a cardiologist famous for his weight- loss program approach that entails eating low carbohydrate together with foods high in fat and protein.

Atkins finished his schooling from the University of Michigan and later in Cornell Medical College, he received his medical degree. He then specialized in cardiology with a study on herbal remedies that are not just limited to cure acne, cancer, carpal tunnel syndrome and depression.

It was here that he came to realize he had gained a lot of pounds since the days before his medical school. After failed attempts to lose some pounds and experimenting on a lot of schemes, he decided to try a controlled carbohydrate diet which he read in the Journal of American Medical Association.

In 2002, he was hospitalized after suffering from a cardiac arrest where he released a statement that it is “in no way related to diet”. After a year later, it was reported that he slipped on an icy sidewalk just outside his office in New York where he sustained major injuries in the head that placed in a state of comatose.

Dr. Keith Berkowitz rushed him to the New York Weill Cornell Medical Center where surgeons removed a blood clot to relieve pressure in his brain. Richard Rothstein, Atkins’ spokesman, told CNN that they “are hoping for miracle but the chances for a meaningful recovery are slim”.

Nine days prior to the tragic accident, he died of kidney failure. The New York City Medical Examiner’s Office gave Atkins’ medical records to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. It was stated there that at the time of his death, his weight was approximately 260 pounds which meant that he was obese.

It was a complete irony from a “diet expert” where later on, the information was spread to the media. Much to the distress of his family, it was claimed that he only weighed 195 pounds upon admission to the hospital. It was explained that apparent boost of weight might have been brought about by fluid retention following the drastic loss of his major organs.

Just last year, the company that Atkins established in 1989 filed for bankruptcy protection in New York. They reasoned that they have been tainted in recent years by the fading fame of the diet program as well as the other schemes that also adopted a high- protein carbohydrate weight loss. In January of 2006, they emerged from bankruptcy with a twist in their business approach. They toned down on the emphasis of low- carbohydrate diet and focused much on the sales of nutritional products such as chocolate bars and fruity shakes.

Even with all the critics against his nutrition program, it has remained to be appreciated by several people especially Hollywood celebrities.